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​The Gulf South Chapter of the AFA

Why should you join the American Fence Association?

Joining the AFA and participating in the meetings and projects allows you to meet other members, who are in your same profession, who have the same goals as you, who have the same problems as you, who face the same obstacles as you and who may have the answer that can make your company much more profitable. You may also meet a new vendor that can help you find that one product you have been looking for or offer you services that you did not know even existed. Talk with your peers about the local and regional issues facing your company, and theirs. Be part of a Chapter Project and raise the awareness of your industry to your community.

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The AFA offers many varied benefits that members find very beneficial. There are several publications that are free to members.

The Fencepost Magazine offers industry news, product information and articles that can help everyone succeed in the fence industry.
There is the FenceSense monthly newsletter that helps members keep up with the new trends of the industry and then
There is the Across the Fence electronic newsletter that spreads the news of the chapters and the association.
By using the Member’s Only section of the AFA website you can find many tools that will save you time and money;
There is a Fencetech/Decktech Buyer’s Guide to give you the most comprehensive resource for locating manufacturers and suppliers to help you find the products you need.
You can use the Who’s Who section to help locate other contractors and dealers around the country that can assist you with problems and situations that may arise.
There is a complete set of Shop Drawings to help create professional presentations for prospective customers.
You get a complete OSHA-Compliant Safety Program to help you reduce accidents by teaching workers safety precautions.
You can use the AFA’s OSHA-approved Employee Safety and Health Program Manual to comply with written safety policy requirements.
You can find many of the business tools you need in the newly updated Resource Manual that contains sample contracts, press releases, legal agreements, customer checklists, office procedures and so much more.
As a member you can purchase the ASTM Specifications Manual at a discounted price.
There are also many discounts available through the AFA for insurance, credit card fees, etc.
The AFA and its chapters offer Training and Certification; there is the Deck & Railing Boot Camp, the Sales Training School, the Certified Installer Program, the Fence Installation School, the Operator Installation School, the Certified Fence Professional (CFP) program, and the Certified Automatic Gate Operator Installer (CAGOI).

As a member you would receive discounts to the annual FENCETECH/DECKTECH convention where you can meet representatives from over 400 exhibitors showcasing the newest products and techniques. There are many industry-specific seminars given daily at the convention to help you with sales, marketing, safety and much more.

See? There are MANY reasons to join the AFA but you MUST participate or you may be asking yourself the original question for years to come.